A Place To Enjoy

The development will be set within 325 acres of new parklands. We are preserving as many woodlands, trees and hedges as we can. We are already planting over 3,000 new trees in the first phase of new parkland, and we have laid out a sustainable drainage system of permanent and temporary ponds and swales, that will enhance the local wildlife. For every tree or hedge we can’t avoid losing, we are replacing twofold.


New parks are being created in the north and along the Lubbesthorpe brook valley; in fact, the development will have some of the largest, most biodiverse and attractive new parks created in the wider urban area in the last 50 years. 

Over half the site will be open spaces, with places for children and adults alike to enjoy, along with new wildlife areas with ponds, the preserved site of the Lubbesthorpe medieval village and ancient farm buildings for future generations to appreciate. 

Our parks, open spaces and facilities will be managed by the Land Trust. Residents will have a stake in the stewardship, helping to maintain the exceptional quality of the landscaping and green spaces we are creating. 

The Leisure Centre we are planning aims to include a four-court sports hall, gym and studios, outdoor tennis/netball courts and all-weather sports pitches. 


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