Meet The Neighbours

We are creating a vibrant new community with all of its own community facilities

Our resident pioneer community worker, Sue Steer, is on site waiting to greet you and introduce you to your closest neighbours.

Sue is here to help you settle in and become a key part of the community spirit which is evolving at New Lubbesthorpe. She is always on hand to help you find everything from a car-share partner, a local crèche, the time of the next bus or the best places to eat.

Sue is now based in the Community Hub situated off Tay Road and is keen to hear your views about running community events and activities, such as having your say on local issues, the plans for the area, or whatever else you want to say.

In the meantime keep your eye on the Facebook page - Lubbesthorpe Community.   If the sun is shining, you may find her on one of the benches on the boardwalk overlooking the entrance to Lubbesthorpe!    

If you want to contact Sue, you can email her: or telephone her on:  07847 362965

"I am really excited about the prospect of helping to cultivate community with the new residents of Lubbesthorpe. We have the promise of a new and exciting adventure together to create community activities and events designed with the people as they move in. New Lubbesthorpe has the potential to be a fabulous place to live, work and play and I’m really looking forward to helping the community grow and flourish."

Sue Steer, Pioneer Community Worker, New Lubbesthorpe

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