New Lubbesthorpe

New Lubbesthorpe is a pioneering community - a place to live, to work, to go to school, to play and to enjoy – with vibrant urban amenities in a rich rural setting. This is New Lubbesthorpe.


minutes from
Fosse Park
shopping centre

minutes from

acres of new woodland, green and open spaces

‘Lubbesthorpe’ has a rich and varied history; the abandoned medieval village of Lubbesthorpe, now a Scheduled Monument, will form part of the new park at the heart of New Lubbesthorpe; one of the most exciting new places to live in Leicestershire.


New Lubbesthorpe is providing new places to live – including a wide range of homes of all types, sizes and tenures; a place to start on the housing ladder; a place for families and a place for those downsizing and retiring.  With our partners, we are creating some of the most attractive and sustainable new homes in Leicestershire. You can see the new homes already underway here.

New Lubbesthorpe will have all the shops and facilities the community needs – there will be a shopping centre with a new supermarket, new shops, a health centre with doctors and dentists, and many other services and facilities.  We are also building two new neighbourhood centres with smaller local shops. The first of these will be built in 2019 and if you are interested in opening a shop we will advertise the opportunity in a years time.

We are building new places to work. We have started building a major new business area at Enderby Park, south of the M69 Motorway, and we are building a new business ‘village’ of offices and workspaces near to the M1 Bridge Gateway. These will create thousands of new jobs and this sustainable location is also close to significant employers at Meridian, Grove Park, Carlton Park and Fosse Park Shopping Centre.

New Lubbesthorpe will have major new places to learn. We have planned two new Primary Schools and a major new Secondary School – our first new Primary School will be ready for September 2019. 

New Lubbesthorpe will provide extensive new places to play, all set within 325 acres of new parklands. We are preserving as many woodlands, trees and hedges as we can, and laying out new parks in the north and along the brook valleys. Over half the site will be open spaces, with places for children and adults alike to enjoy, along with new wildlife areas with ponds, the preserved site of the medieval village and ancient farm buildings for future generations to appreciate.

Welcome to New Lubbesthorpe – make it your new home.

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